Form analytics 101: all the essentials

  • How you can use form analytics data
  • Common problems affecting forms
  • How you can optimize forms
  • Tools you can use to streamline CRO

The problem: form abandonment

Form analytics: how to solve form abandonment with

What is form analytics?

Form analytics: partial entry tracking — recover incomplete responses & lost leads with
  • Which fields take the longest?
  • What are the most problematic fields?
  • What percentage of users abandon the site before submitting?

What can form analytics do for you?

Form analytics: form funnel analysis & form field bottleneck insights via

How to optimize your forms

Form analytics: automate conversion rate optimization (CRO) with

Make your form easy to understand

As soon as your visitor hit any complication, they will abandon the form. As such, try to make your form so easy that any regular person could understand it. This will include simplifying the copy around the form as well as the call-to-action (CTA). Only use one CTA as pages with only 1 CTA have 1.6% more conversion power than those with 2 or more ( Unbounce). Try to avoid generic CTA such as submit and download. Personalized CTAs outperform non-personalized CTAs by 42% ( HubSpot).

Reduce friction in your forms

After the form is easy to understand, it’s time to reduce any friction. You can start this step by using smart form field logic. Smart forms are dynamic in the most basic sense. Smart forms can vary based on how a person answers a question using conditional logic, rather than static words on a screen. Do you want to ask different questions to different types of users? Smart forms get the job done. However, smart forms won’t do any good if the questions themselves are difficult to understand, so make sure that your copy is clear.

Streamline form submission

You must optimize the technical parameters of your forms and website to streamline form submission. For example, if your website takes too long to load, visitors will abandon it before the form appears on the screen. Conversions are reduced by 7% when pages take too long to load (Neil Patel). Similarly, you may utilize the auto-populate feature to make filling out forms easier, or inline validation to highlight mistakes in real-time.

Remove hurdles to form completion

Using a CAPTCHA or spam blocker sounds like a great idea to prevent spam or DDoS attacks, however, they pose a significant challenge and obstacle for the visitors and can cause them to abandon farms. Another way you can reduce friction is by not asking your visitors to complete the form in one sitting. The world is a distracting place and people have other things to do — you can use features such as save & continue later to allow people to complete forms later.

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