How to track your lead form’s performance

Form Performance Indicators (KPIs): What to Measure track & optimize your lead form’s performance

Traffic & Demographics

Form Engagement

Lead Generation & ROI

Tools to Track Form Performance

Form Abandonment Tracking track & optimize your lead form’s performance

Heatmaps & clickmaps

Form field analytics & funnels track & optimize your lead form’s performance

Segmentation & enrichment

Best Practices

  • Position your form above the fold where the user attention peaks.
  • User correct layout. For most forms single-column layout is better than double-column layout.
  • Try to reduce the number of fields.
  • Optimize your call-to-action button.
  • Get Rid of CAPTCHA
  • If not necessary, don’t ask for phone number.
  • Be transparent with privacy policy and provide social proof.
  • Conduct A/B testing

Form analytics

Automatically track & optimize your forms with Insiteful track & optimize your lead form’s performance




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No more missed opportunities™

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